Haircut (no Shampoo/Style) $35 and up
Haircut with Shampoo/Blow dry $50 and up
Men’s Haircut $35 and up
Shampoo with Blow dry $35 and up
Child Haircut (under 12) $25 and up

There will be an added charge for long hair services, please advise the desk staff if you have long hair so the appointment can be booked accordingly.

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Single Process (90 minute to 2 hour time block.) $55 and up
Double Process (2 to 3 hour time block.) $85 and up
Foil Highlight (Extra charge for base color with highlights/lowlights. 2 to 3 hour time block.) $100 and up
Color Correction (Must have a consultation appointment before service can be booked or pricing quoted. Typically requires a large block of time and can require multiple applications.) $100/hour and up
Fashion Colors (Must have a consultation appointment before service can be booked or pricing quoted.)

All services/pricing is ala carte.

Long or thick hair services may incur an added charge and require a consultation prior to booking appointments, prices cannot be quoted without a consultation from one of our professionals. This same procedure is also required before scheduling any fashion color and color correction services.


Permanent Waves $80 and up
Custom Perms (requires consultation before booking) $100 and up
Keratin Treatment $250 and up (consultation advised / 2 to 3 hour time block)
Iron/Chlorine Removal Treatment $50 and up


Technicians: All technicians are independent contractors and set their own pricing structure and hours of availability. Some technicians choose to schedule their own appointments and have clients contact them directly, rather than through the business line. See staff page for more details. Payment is made to the technician at time of service performed. Cash, check and credit cards accepted.

Wedding Party: We require deposits for wedding parties. Please check with our desk staff or your technician at time of booking.

Young Children: Young children need to be supervised at all times and should not be in the salon for an extended period of time unless receiving services themselves.  Please understand this can take away from the salon experience for our other patrons that come to relax and have pre arranged child care for their own children, rather than bringing them.

Pets: Pets are not allowed on the premises unless they are an assistance dog accompanying a patron with an appt.